Sedi . I . Of Jnfenfible Perfpiration . 59 
" than when it perceives a greater Weight , and there 44 really is To . 
Explanation . ] The Reafon is , Bccaufe if a Pcrfon feels Heavincfs , when there is not in Reality any Incrcafc of Weight , 'tis a certain Indication that he is under fomc Waiteof Spirits - , for a Diminution of Strength and Vigour will produce the fame Senfe as an aftual Increafe of Weight : Where therefore there is not any fuch Increafe of Weight , and fuch a Senfe arifes , 'tis a certain Sign the Body is ing into a diftemper'd State , and confequently in a much worfe Condition than when fenfible oí a real Weight i becaufe a due Stock of Spirits and Vigour may find fome Way or other to difengage the Body from fuch an Encumbrance , and reduce it again toits natural Standard ; whereas , when a Pcrfon feels a Burthen upon him only by the Decay of Spirits , it is a Taik of much more Difficulty ( when the mach and all the Solids principally concerned in the Offices of Digcllion , mull needs be enfeebled and very weak ) to repair fuch a Lofs , and will require a confiderable Time to bring it about , if the pericribed Means fucceed . From thefe Confederations alfo it appears further , that , 
A P H . XXIX . 
" Weight , with relation to the Perception of it " in a living Body , is equivocal ; becaufe it is con - " fiflent , that at the fame time a Body may actually " be heavier , and yet feem lighter - , and , on the trary , it may be rendered lighter than ufual , and yet at the fame time feel heavier . 
Explanation . ' ] So that when a Body is faid to be heavier or lighther than before , 'tis to be underftood with regard to the greater , or leffer Senfe a Perfon Jias at that time of a Weight upon him . And in 
tli is

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