Seót . I . of Infenßble Perfpiration . 57 
" fuch as arc the hard confiftent Stools , the Saliva , " and feveral others of the like Kind . 
Explanation . ' ] Bccaufe they are compounded of ticles , especially heavieft , i . e . fuch as confift of large Quantities of Matter , in Proportion to their Bulks * , whereas the thicker Excrements , that is , fuch as are confiftent and folid , are compos'd of Particles large and extended in Surface , which therefore makes them entangle with one another , bpt are , notwith - ftanding , fpecifically lighter . 
A P H . XXVI . 
" The thin Secretions abate more the Weight of " the Body in Proportion to their Quantities , than " the hard and confiftent . 
Explanation . ' ] 'Tis meant here of what we call fpecifick IVcigbt , which is a Term fo frequendy ufed , and by a great many fo little underftood , that I not think it improper here to give a Ihort nation of it . Gravity or IVcigbt is taken in a double Senfe , the one is called absolute , and the other fick Gravity : By the firft is to be underftood , that univerfal Property which we find in all Bodies whatfoever , by which they are faid to gravitate , or to have a Tendency towards fome determinate Point - , but by the latter is only to be underftood the different Energy or Force of this univerfal Property in different Bodies , with Relation to one another . For as Gold and Iron , both of them arc endowed abfolutely with this general Property , yet in Relation to one another they are different in Weight , that is , a Sphere of one is heavier than the Sphere of the other of the fame Bignefs , and this Difference of Weight , in different compound Bodies , is called their Jpccifiçk Weight . Thus Gold , as be -

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