Full text: Medicina Statica

Sed " . I . Of Infenfible Perforation . 
5 * 
A P H . XIV . 
" To evacuate too much by Stool , Urine , or " Sweat , and pcrfpire lefs than ufual , is bad . 
Explanation . ' ] Becaufe a Cliange in the natural Proportions of the fcveral Evacuations to one ther , although it be fo that the Increafe of one juft : anfwers for the Defeft of another , in Quantity , not but be attended with fomc Inconveniencies . 
A P H . XV . 
44 If a Body returns to the fame Standard every 41 Day , without any Change in the Quantity of 41 Perfpiration , there will be conflantly preferved a 44 perfeft Health , and no need of critical Evacuati - 44 ons . 
A P H . XVI . 
41 Bad Qualities arife when the Body is not one 44 Day the fame in Weight as another . 
Explanation . ' ] Becaufe fuch Changes cannot pen , either without fomc Difordersin the ons , or Irregularities in Eating or Drinking , from any of which the whole Conilitution cannot but fuffer . 
A P H . XVII . 
44 A Perfon may certainly conclude himfelf in a 44 State of Health , if upon afcending a Precipice he 44 finds himfelf more lightfome than before . 
Explanation . ] The Attion of the Lungs , in Re - fpiration , depends fo much " upon a good tion of the Blood , from whence all the other Juices are made , that it is almoil impoflible there ihould be any confiderable Fault in the Blood , and the Lungs not fome way or other afte & ed by it . And likewife as the Invigoration of all the Solids , fo as 
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