Full text: Medicina Statica

Subtilty and Efficacy , as the Scene of Affliction is more or lefs remote , and in Proportion to the rity of the offending Humours : And as in this laft Cafe the Caule feems to be fixed in the fineft , and moll diftant Parts from the Reach of Medicine , the Means of Cure ought to be very fubtile and efficacious . And that even Salivations will often leave it ed , or fo little weak ned , that it loon appears again in its wonted Severities , leems owing to the Means in ufed , and the Manner of their Operation , not ing penetrating enough to reach it in its minute cedes ; for the Mercurials ufed for this Purpofe are generally of the coarfeil Preparation , and they begin to operate as foon as they are brought to the larger Glands about the Throat , and go off in fuch profufe Difcharge that Way , that they reach very little , or at all , further - , whereas the venereal Taint often lies in much fmallcr Reccifes , and infects even the medullary Cells , and Fibres of the Bones with its Acrimony . 
To make a thorough and a Lifting Cure therefore in thefe Cafes , befides what is common in the fore - mentioned Diftempers a Courfe of fuch Medicines ought to be perfifted in , that are fubtile enough to reach the Infection in the minuteft Threads , and there deftroy or extirpate it - , and of this Clafswe know none preferable to the Mercurial s . llterants , but thofe which are grofs and bare enough to ftimulate in the larger Paifage , will elude our Expectations , for the Reafons before given - , and how to fecure a Mercurial cine for lying long in the Body , and penetrating into the fineft Meanders , mult appear from what hath been already faid about Camphire . But befides the Advantage from Mercurials fo managed , there will io refult this Benefit from the Camphire itfelf , of fof - tening and volatilizing the acrimonious Salts that give the Difeafe its Origin - , and the frequent Repetitions oÏCamphire with common Aromaticks and Sudori - ficks , without Mercury , at proper Intervals , hardly 

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