Full text: Medicina Statica

I am alio unwilling to take up Room here in any Declamations againil that profligate Tribe , who plague Mankind with their pretended Cures of this Diltemper - , but one great A buie from this Quarter , which cannot be pafled in Silence , is the taking all Advantages from confefling guilty Perfons , to treat them as if really in / or' / , asthofe in their accuftomed Cant are pleafed to term it . The firil Adventures into thofe Pleafures , which afterwards bring fo much Repentance , give moll young People , that Dread and Apprehenfion , that every Pimple , or Alteration , about the offending Parts efpccially , fhall be fufpefted nereal ; and whenever fuch a Trifle comes before thefe abandoned Stagers in Impoflure , they are prc - lently hurried into Mercury and Purges , to the vafl Detriment of a youthful , found Conilitution , and drenched with as many naufeous Dofes as if really difcafed . This Remark I would not have troubled a Reader with , had I not myfclf met with many from the Hands of fuch notorious Deceivers who were brought into real and deplorable Ills by the ufe of Means to get rid of imaginary ones , and who have been treated as abfolutely Pox'd that have had no one real Symptom belonging to it , nor have never had fo much as a fimplc Gonorrhxa . 
But to return , where this Infection is juil received and appears in a Gcncrrbtva only , a patient Ufe of Emollients with Rhubarb at proper Intervals will fel - dom fail ; but if the infefted Matter increafes much , and especially in its word Qualities , Mercurials will then do more good as j . { Itérants , than ilrong Cartbar - licks , and the Etbiops with tcrebinthinous Mixtures will hardly ever fail - , but what may moil certainly be reliai upon , is almoft any of its rougher Preparations wrapped up in Campbire , as before directed in the EJJay on the Gout . 
But it is the whole tainted Habit , that requires the moil Attention and Skill . And herein however the 

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