Full text: Medicina Statica

Of the LEPROSY . 457 
turally waih off with the Urine , ihould add to the Ne - ceility of detaching them by fome other Outlet , and load fome excretory Glands with them which arc by Nature fuited for their Reception , and therefore liable to be fouled and eroded by them , fo as to make Blotches , Sores , and the like . The ferous Part of the Blood is the natural Diflolvcnt and Vehicle , for fuch Salts as come into the Body with our Food , and arc of no further Ule there but require Ejedtment ; and the Kidneys are the natural Organ for this purpofe , in Proportion therefore to the Failure of that in this Office , mud the common Mafs be overcharged with fuch Particles , and either lome Diftemper arile to the whole Frame , or fome other fecretory Outlet be crouded with them , fo as to be diftempered in that particular Part . And as the Glands of the Skin feem by Nature moil fuited to lupply this Deleft of the Kidneys , fo they moil commonly fuffer ; and in having fuch grofs Particles protruded thro' them , they become obltruiiled , eroded , and covered with formities . 
Sometimes other Glands fuffer by this Defefit , and indeed the whole Courfe oí Animal Secretion may be affedted i infomuch that there is 110 one Diftemper from a fai i ne Matter , but may receive Aggravations from this Caule - , and once in particular I met with a very odd Inilance to this Purpofe of a Patient with an Optbalmia , and the Glands of whofe Eyes ouzed out an uncommon Quantity of a lharp Serum . A long Ule of the common Abforbents and Wood - Drinks , with Repellents alio outwardly applied did but little , when trying the Millepedes , and other Diureticks , the Cafe was conquered , and the Eyes became well - , but foon after the Perfon complained of an uncommon Quantity of Urine , and great Faintnels and Pain in the Reins , whereupon the ordinary Strengthened» fuch as red Coral , & c . made into Pills with Terebinth^ were given , and by fuch means thefe Dilorders were 

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