Full text: Medicina Statica

Of the KIN G's - E VI L . 451 
their Accumulation in Quantity enough either to make or require a Fit . 
Of the K i n g's - E v1 l . 
THIS isfubjoinedto the foregoing Ejfay , becaufe it is imagined , that from feveral Circumftances common to both Diftempers , this will require but little Pains to be underftood after a right Underitand - ing of that . 
What they molt remarkably agree in is , in being ¡ frequent amongft Perlons ftrong both in Body and Mind , who are hearty Feeders , and on other counts well and healthful - , in this Refpedl however confiderably differing that the Evil generally appears at three , four , or five Years of Age - , and dries away by that State of Manhood that the Gout gives its firft Warnings of Approach - , though neither of thefe are without lome Latitude of Exception . And as the Gout is owing to fharp faline Humours , that are tracted by a particular Way of living , and favoured in their Accumulation by a peculiar Make of the Parts where they fettle , upon the Declenfion of the natural Strength - , fo this Dileafe feems owing to a hot fharp Humour propagated à Semine from the Parent , in the firft Formation dilcovcring itfelfat an Age , when tain Glands are fitted for its Reception , and dilappear - ing when the digeftive Powers have arrived to their greateft Strength . 
That Perfons fubjeft to the Evil do early ihew an uncommon Vivacity of Mind , and Forwardnefs of Underltanding , is a Faét that all have experienced who have been accuftomed to luch Opportunities of 
G g 2 Obftrvation i

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