442 ESSAY IV . 
eflential Oils indeed of Aromatick Plants bear fomc Refemblance hereunto ; but they are neither fo fub - tilc by far , nor io tolerable to the Stomach and firlt Paflages - , for altho' this gives a great Heat at taking , they are altogether intolerable , unleis in the fmalleft Quantities imaginable . There are many other Con - fiderations to be fiiggefted in Favour of this Remedy , or Remedies of like kind - , but I muit leave them to the Obfervations and Experience of Practice , which produces Abundance of Inftanccs to its Advantage , both as a powerful SudoriHck , and ufeful Affiliant with Opiates to aiTwage Pain . 
After the gouty Matter is by thefe Means got down to the Extremities , and its irritating corrofive ties in fome Meafure blunted ; the Part itfclf where it fettles may with Advantage be kept warm with nel , and embrocated with attenuating Applications ; but in thefe Cafes this is never to be neglettcd , that the more fpirituous and hot any Fotus's are , the more the l'art muíl be kept moiftened with unftuous cines , elfe inftead of breathing out the peccant mour , it will give that Tcnfity and Hardncfs to the Surface , as rather to pen it in . And in Proportion to the natural Laxity or Tenfity of the Fibres , and the Vifcidity or Fluidity of the animal Juices , are fuch Means to be more or lefs un & uous or irritating . In fanguine Habits , and where the Solids arc pretty firm , befides the Liniments already mentioned , foftening and emollient Cataplafms will do fervice , fuch as , 
ß Fie . no . vj . Rad . Lillior . alb . in Pulp . coil . §ij Pulv . Sem . F<r - nugrcc . í j . Ung' . Diaith . Ol . Cham , ana m . f . Cataplaf - n ; a . Paiti afftifl . applicandum . 
Or where a Conilitution is more inclined to pulency and Vifcidity , and the Fibres can bare a il ronger Stimulus , the following may be ufed to ter Advantage . 
RFk .

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