Full text: Medicina Statica

Of the G OU T . 401 
manner of nouriíhing different Parts , is not at all material to us here ; it being fufficicnt to be vinced that the Nervous Fluid which lubricates the Fibres , and facilitates their Motions , as it pafiea through them , does fome of it reft in the Parts themfelves and maintain their proper Bulk , as all nutritive Particles do wherever they fall , and from whatfoever Source depofited : And what docs not thus lodge in Interdices , cannot but by its frequent Attrition and Comminution , become at laft io fine , as to fly away in an infenfible Vapour , whenfoever it gets at the Surface , will be evident from many of the foregoing Aphorifms and planations , befides from what has been ( aid in the EJfay about the Elaßicity of an animal Fibre 
4 . That the nervous Fluid confßs of a very fubtilized O I L and S A L T incorporated together . 
By Oil and Salt , here is meant no further than what we can underiland of the Cbymißs , when they talk intelligibly of the Subitances , Monf . Lernery , who argues but wildly about fuch things , is yet con - fiftent enough to be undcrftood upon this Matter ; and his Account of the inflammable Spirit of Wine , or any other vegetable Subitances , plainly demon - ilrates to us the Exiilence of thefe two Diitin & i - ons ot fatter , in Conjun & ion together . But the ordinary Sal volatile oleofum , is an indifputablc ilance how thefe comport with each other ; and the fenfible Properties of thefe Subitances alfo ihew , how well fitted they are to form fuch a Fluid as is here fpoken of i for what is altogether of an oily or a fulphurous Nature feems impoflible by its Vi - fcidity , «and Inaptitude of Motion on that Account , to be broke or comminuted into a Fluid of any lerable Finenefs ; and Salts of themfelves are , by the over Quantity of Matter they contain in Proportion 
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