Of ¿7« Animal FIBRE . 397 
nifeft , and fometimes never to be repaired ; for when a Fibre is diftra & ed To far that fbme of its component Parts coincide , fuch a Coincidence will prevent the others drawing up again into their mer Poftures ; and if this State of Diftenfion tinues until the tranfverfe Vacuola are filled with the nervous Juice , which of neceflity will by degrees be fqueezed into them , it is a great Chance if the Fibre be ever repaired , but that it remains ufeleis for ever after - t and this is the Reafon , why Strains upon foine of the Tendons are fo troublefome , and fometimes fo much , that they continue weak and painful , if not altogether without the Power of Motion , through a Perfon's whole Life . 
This further admirably explains that common Effett of Exercifc , in its giving always a greater Firmnefs and Strength to the Solids ; for the more a Fibre is kept in Aftion , the clearer it will keep its component MacbinuU from the Lodgment and Adhefion of any foreign and fuperfluous Matter upon them ; by which means whenfover it is di - ftracted , there will be the more Room for each ticle to draw up again , and confequently will its Return be with great Force - , but that Exercife which does this , is fuch only as does not exceed the powers of the Conftitution , for otherwife the Confequences mentioned in the preceding Paragraph would low - , but when it is within fuch Bounds as the ties and Stretch of the Solids will bear , then for the Reafons already given , will they be rendered morea - ble and ready to obey the Dictates of the Mind , in the performance of their natural Adions ; But , on the contrary , by Reft and Ina & ivity will every Part lofe in its Strength , and the lefs it is moved , be ftil ! rendered lefs able for Motion - , and upon this count it is that we daily fee fuch a mighty difference between attive ítirring Perfons , and fuch whofe Cir - 

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