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Of FEVERS . 373 
be accounted for , from the Difference of thofe Con - ftitutions which have been feized with it . But thefe have moil generally happened after long fultry ther ; by which the Spring of the Air is much broke , whereby that Part of it which mixes with the Blood , is not fufficient ; to raife its Globules , and keep them from running into mutual Contacts and Cohefions - , and alfo by keeping the cutaneous Pores long open , there is fuch a Walle made of the ner - r vous Juices , as to damage the Solids in their ctions , and induce a general Relaxation ; efpecially if a damp moid Air follows upon fuch Heat . 
Any Evacuation , fo as to cut off " the Supply of the nervous Juice , cannot alfo but be attended with the fame Confequences , fo ? the Reafons frequently given under the Apborifms of the foregoing Sellions ; the Launcet therefore ( with which fomeare fo very bufy whenever they get any thing to deal with that can be called a Fever ) in thefe Cafes ought to be avoid« - cd as Death itfelf ; as likewife all thofe Gallar - ticks , thofe Friends to Nature , with which lome Enthufialts pretended to purge oft " the peccant mours . And to this purpofe it is very remarkable , that all thofe Fevers which fall in upon , or fooner after , the Courfes which arc generally gone through in Venereal Cafes , efpecially Gonorrbœas> are of this kind ; for by frequent purging , and evacuating fcveral Ways , the Solids in time come to be robbed of their proper Supplies , and thereby , for want of their ufual Springs , are apt to let the Blood fall into intcftine Motions , and run into preternatural Cohefions . The Medicines indeed herein frequently made ufe of , do not bring about this ill Difpolition only as they are purgative , but alfo as they at die fame time give a Numbnefs or Infenfibility to the Solids , as it is very well known that Mir curiali will do . 
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