Full text: Medicina Statica

372 ESSAY I . 
It is very certain , that an Inflammatory Fever very often changes into one of this latter kind * , which happens when the Solids are able to continue their Motions folong , that the overcharge of Blood is wore away ; but by that time they are fo far over - { trained , and injured in their Springs , as not to be able to carry on the Fluids with fuch a Celerity , as is rcquifite to prevent their falling into Fermentation and Putrefaction - , and therefore as that Heat goes off , which was occafioned by an increafed tity and Velocity , another arifes , tho' much more languid from its inteitine and fermentative on . And as a Fever thus changes its Shape , fo ought alfo its Intentions of Cure to be differently regarded . 
As the former kind generally arifes from a nution of fome of the Evacuations , and an charge of Blood ; fo this latter moil commonly has its Rife from an Excefs in fome of the Difcharges , from hard Exercife , from too fparing a Diet , from long trouble of Mind , from an immoderate ufe of Venery , and frequently from Epidemical ons i the Efficacy of all which things upon the Con - flitution , majce it very plain , that the immediate Caufe of this Fever , is in the Diftemperature of the nervous Fluid , cither as to its Quality or Quantity ; whereby it is rendered unfit to give that Elailicity to the Solids , as is neceflary for their Contractions , and the carrying on the Animal Fluids with their due Velocities ; whereby , as was laid before , they fall into inteftine and fermentative Motions . 
That the remote Caufes are frequently in the Con - ilitution of the Air , cannot be queitioned by thofc who confider the many Inilances wherein this Difeafe has in one Seafon , and in the fame Place , fwept away vail numbers , all of them no farther differing in their Symptoms , than what may readily 
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