Full text: Medicina Statica

Of F E V E R S . 317 
fon , not well apprifed hereof , is apt to be drawn into a Miftake , and taking it only for an tent , fall upon it immediately with the never failing Bark : but after a few ihifting and delufive rances , the Patient at laft is tied down to his Bed , and grows fo ftupid , as to be fenfible but very tle of his Danger , or of what palles about him ; he begins to fumble with his Hands , ftammers with his Tongue , if he is not quite fpeechlefs , and at laft has very litle Appearance of Life , befides a ral Convulfion of the whole nervous Syflem , but especially of the Stomach , where they are difpers'd in grfeateft numbers ; which occafions Hiccoughs , and - if Death does not clofe the tragical Scene , it looks more like a Refurreétion than a Recovery . wards the latter end , fometimes appear Spots under the Skin , which the more florid and lively they are , it is the better , but worfe where livid ordulky . It is common to fall into a Loofenefs , and have a charge of very black fcetid Stools , and fometimes alfo of a Urine of the fame Colour . The fenfatory Organs frequently lofe their Offices , infomuch that they have not been able to difcern broad Day - light , nor to hear a Perfon fpeak very loud : the latter Symptom has been obferved to be almoft an infallible . Sign of Recovery , and to be fometimes followed by Matter running from the Ears " , which ( hows a tical Difcharge of fome morbid Humour upon that Organ . But whenfoever there is a Recovery , there feldom is any vifible Crifis , but all the Symptoms as they infenfibly came on , fo they generally go off * , and this further is alfo very remarkable , that a great many perfons - after their Recovery from thefe kind of Fevers , have not under a long time , if ever , regained that Quicknefs of Senfe , and - Strength of Mind , as they before enjoyed . 
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