Full text: Medicina Statica

370 ESSAY II . 
bliftering , and fpirituous Juleps , as was before obferved in the preceeding Effay concerning Agues , HOtwithftanding the common Praitice runs very much this Way i and although Tome Perfons have advanced 'Theories , on Purpofe to eítabliíh it , the moft labour'd of which , is that of Dr Cocklurn , about the Operation o [ ' Cantbarides , and the manner by which they are ferviceable in Fevers ; but the Miftake is very manifeil both from Reafon and Experience , as may be eafily made appear to any confideratc Enquirer ; who likewife may find fomc - thing very rational upon this Sudjeft in BaglivPs Diflertation de Ufu & Alnifu Veficantum . But to turn ; almoft any Evacuation in this Kind of Fever , efpccially if timely procured , is of Service - , bue that of the cuticular Difcharges , is generally of the greateil Advantage ; for if it can be plentifully raifed , it hardly ever fails either of quite ting the Fever , or bringing it to an Intermiflion . This moil commonly attacks young People , and tjiofe who are moft robuft and fanguine . It rally has its Caufe in the Diminution of fome of the natural Difcharges , by which although the Blood at firft is the fame in Quantity , yet by the increafc of its Quantity only , will it raife a Fever , as above cited . 
But the latter , viz . a nervous Fever , appears in a very different Shape , arifes from very different Caufes , and requires a very different Management ; and is not unjuftly called a Fever of the Spirits , be - caufe the Patient from the firft Attack , is Pale , Feeble , and Sluggiih - , has a low ihort Pulfe , feels rather cooler than natural , and has little or no Thirft . All thefe Symptoms will go off at firft fometimes for a few Hours , and the Spirits feem to return , but they foon appear again , and frequently with flight Rigours and Shiverings , whereby a Per -

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