Full text: Medicina Statica

368 E S S A Y I . 
the Diftcmper ; and this the SanBorian Dottrine admirably accounts for . For in feveral of thcfc Apborifms , it hath already been proved , that an In - creafe of one Evacuation , will always be a Means to leflcn the rcll ; when therefore a greater Quantity than what is natural , is drawn off by Stool , Urine , Sweat , or the Quantity of Blood is lelfened by Phlebotomy , a great Deal of that which ihould go off by infcnfiblc Pcrfpiration , cannot but be ed , the cutaneous Paflages leflencd in their cities , the Quantity of Blood in time increafed , and confequently its Vifcidity , and a Return of the Diilemper mull follow - , and upon this Account only , it is fometimes that an Ague is fo difficult to be perfe & ly cured , bccaufe where it hath nued long , Nature has been fo much ufed to an In - creafe of the other Evacuations , and throwing off its Overcharges by the Crifis of every Paroxyfm , that the cutaneous Paflages are clofed too much , to be brought eafily to their natural Difcharges - , upon as foon as the Efficacy of a Medicine , which for fome time has brought all things to rights , is over , or whenfoever by any external Caufe there happens an Increafe of the Quantity of the Fluids , the Overcharge will run off by the fenfibie tions , and leffcn the Quantity which ought to be infenfibly perfpired , as before . And this may not only admoniih us , how we tamper with Purgative Medicines upon every flight occafion , bccaufe the Benefit we may receive by them , may not at all compenfate the Injuries received by a Difufe , or Remiffion of other natural Evacuations at the fame Time ; as this alfo cautions us againft frequent Blood - letting , it alfo ihews us how perfons grow in their Bulk thereupon , bccaufe leifening the tity perfpired , leflens the perfpiring Paflages , and increafes die Matter retained . . 

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