366 . ESSAVI . 
have here afligned ; for to carry it through that inj tricate Secretion , which is made in the Brain into the Nerves , which he argues to be tubular , and plealantly enough calls the America of the cefali not only to me feems needlefs in order to count for this Diftemper * and the Bark's curing it ; but alfo goes too far from thofc Evidences , which in Phyfical Searches ought always to be kept in View . 
But the greateil Difficulty that yet remains is , that this Diftemper fo frequently returns , after a Cure by the Bark ; and this is alio accounted for by the foregoing Doétrine ; for the Bark operating only upon the Fibres , and not inducing any tion into the Juices , unlefs by accident , whcrcfoevcr the Blood is under fuch a difordcr , as is not ved within that Time wherein the Bark keeps the Fibres up to their due Tenfion , then the Diftemper muft return as foon as its Efficacy ceafes . 
For where an Ague happens upon , or brings a weak thin Crofis of the Blood , the Cure made by the Bark lads no longer than while it remains in the Blood , and that Tenfity which it gave to the Fibres continues : In fuch Conftitutions therefore , or when a Perfon is brought into fuch an ill Habit by a long Continuance of this Diftemper , there is another tention alfo to be anfwered , and this , to reftore the natural Crafes of the Blood j and if this be negleéted , a lafting Cure will never be made . But Where the Crafis and Temperature of the Blood remains good , although an Obftruttion of the perfpirable Matter hath increafed its Quantity , and occafioned an ventitious Vifcidity , or whether this Caufc firft arifes from a Relaxation of the Solids and an Ague enfues , the Bark in Time is fufficient - , but if after about fourteen Days it returns , 'tis a certain fign alfo the Blood wants mending , and in fuch Caies

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