Of A G U E S . . 36$ 
corrugating the Fibres , wherefoever it touches them throughout its whole Paflage , from its firft entrance into the Stomach , to its Difcharge out of the Body . That it aits as a Stimulus upon the Stomach and Guts , cannot be queftioned , when it is coniidered how often it irritates them to a Difcharge of their Contents , and goes off as a Catbartick - , but then very much lofing its Efficacy in putting by the Diftcmpcr . Its curing alfo , or putting by a Fit , by one large Dofe only , taken about an Hour before its time of coming , is a further Confirmation , that it docs it only by drawing up the Solids into a ilraiter Tone , and preventing the Eruption of the obftruéted morbid Matter into Aiflion . 
If then it has fo much Efficacy as an Aftringent in the Stomach and Guts , where the Fibres are fo much guarded by their natural Mucus , which is always in great Plenty lodged upon them - , with how much more Force muft it needs ail in the fame manner upon the Solids , when it is brought into much fmaller VeiTels , both as it pafies into the Blood , and when it comes there ; for where a ticle in the Stomach chances to ftrike againft a Fibre once , when it comes into one of the Capillary Vef - fels , is more likely to do it a thoufand Times ; fore as the Blood comes to be pretty well charged with thefe Particles , the Fibres in all Parts are rugated and fliortened at once , whereby the whole Body acquires fuch a Strength and Firmncfs , as will not only admit of the Attacks of the morbid ter , but fuch as frequently likewife occafions its Attrition and Expulfion quite out of the Body . 
And here I cannot but take Notice , how little need there is , ( with Dr Cole , who has drawn out his Conjetures upon thefe Inquiries into an incompre - henlible Finenefs ) to look for any other Scene of Aft ion , ( as he calls it ) of the Bark than what I 2 have

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