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Of A G U E S . 3 53 
Dr James Keil of Animal Secretion , Prop , i ; and 9 . that the fpecifically lighter Parts , that is , fuch Parrs as have the largeft Surfaces in Proportion to their Solidities , as they are flowed in their Attrattions¿ and ilrongeft in their Cohelions when brought into Contadi ; io upon this Retardation of the Blood's Velocity , will their attrattive powers be greater in Proportion , than the attrattive Powers ofthofe Parts , which have fmaller Surfaces and greater Solidities i that is , the lighteft and moil vifcid Parts of the Blood will draw one another , more in proportion to what they did in a greater Velocity , than the more heavy and folid Parts , and form fuch Cohc - fions , as will not admit them through the lary Veflels ; fò that When they are thrown into them there they mull lodge and be obílruélcd . 
With the fame Confequences alfo is attended any Subftrattion of the Force of the Heart and Arteries * when the Blood remains in its natural Quantity ; as it is well known in Mecha ni eh , that the weakening the motive Powers of any Body , is the fame as in - creafing its Refiilance with regard to its Percuffion , and vice verfa . And therefore all that it concerns a Perfon to know on which Side the Fault lies , is only fo far as regards the Cure - , in which , when a thing is to be brought about feveral ways , ( as after I lhall endeavour to prove that of this Difor - der is ) there may fome Circumitances arife , which may make it much more convenient and fecure to take one way than another . That both thefe Caufes may allò fometimes concur in producing this State of the Blood * is not to be queílioned j as debauching in Seafons when the Air is hot and moiil ; for hereby both the Quantity of the Blood is increafed , and the Solids weakened at the fame time - , wherein if cither of them fingly will have this Effett , they cannot but both together more fpeedily bring it about . 
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