Full text: Medicina Statica

Medico - Pbyßcal 
Of Agues . 
N this Head , it may not be out of the Way to premife , that all periodical Diftempers have their Rife from a Difproportion between the Supply and the Walle of fome of the Animal Fluids , by which they come to offend in Quantity , or Quality , or both j and alfo that upon adjuft - ing this Irregularity , and bringing the Secretions to their natural State , and preferving the Equili - brium between the Force of the Solids , and the Refiftances of the Fluids , depends always their Cure . And without entring into the count of any particular Diftemper that is dical , thus much in general may be received for Truth i for if there was not a Removal of the 
iramc - 

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