324 Medicina Statica . 
to feparate by the Kidneys into the Bladder . By Exercife alio , and in the Day - time , a Perfon is more frequently under fach Contrarions and Pref - iures of the Fibres , as very much conduces to draw out what is colle & ed in the Bladder 
A P H . X . 
" The Summer Perfpiration much exceeds that " in the Winter . 
Explanation . ' ] For the fame Reafon as warmer Climates exhale more through the Skin than cold ones , See stpb . viii . above , with its Explanation . 
A P H . XI . 
" What perfpires in the Day - time , is one and " an half as much as goes off by Night . 
Explanation . ] For the Reafon fee Apb . viii . above , and many of Sanflorius\ in S eft . 4 . efpecially . 
A P H . XII . 
" The Diminution of Perfpiration by Night " does not increafe the Quantity by Urine ; nor " docs an Increafe of Urine by Day , leifen the " Quantity perfpired at that Time . 
Explanation . ' ] This can only happen in fome tain Circumftances , where the retained Matter caufes the Humours to be more vifcid - , for otherwife , there will certainly the more pafs by Urine , as it is ma - nifeft in various Inilances , where an increafed Quantity of Urine is a very falutary Means of dif - charging what was otherwife obilrudted , as by ternal Cold . The Increafe of Urine indeed does not fo readily diminiih Perfpiration in the Night , becaufe a warm Bed will certainly draw out as much as the Pores can conveniently , and in a natural State , charge - , tho' a Continuance of fuch an Increafe will certainly diminíh in the other Refped , or elfe a 
• Perfon 

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