Full text: Medicina Statica

\dphoriftm of Dr Keil . 323 
A P H . VI . 
" More than one and thirty Ounces is expended * ' in one Day by Pcrfpiration . 
A P H . , VII . 
" All thefe are varied according to the Diffe - " rences of Temperament , Age , Meat and Drink , " Sleep and Waking , Exercife and Reft , and the " Seafons of the Year . 
Explanation . ' ] The Quantity here computed , falls much fhort of Sanatorium's Calculation , which Apb . vi . Se¿I . i . he makes i of what is taken in by Meat and Drink , and in the xxift Apborifm of the fame Sefiion he afligns the Quantity to be fifty Ounces . But this will not appear difficult to thofe who con - fidcr the Difference of Climate - , for where he made his Trials was vaftly warmer than where Dr Keil made bis - , and therefore would a great deal more , for that very Reafon , be wafted by the Surface of the Body in infenfible Steam . That the Variations of the Quantities alfo perfpired arife from the Caufes here afligned , exactly agrees with the viith Apborifm of Sanftorius , Se ¿i . i . which fee . 
A P H . VIII . 
" How much foever the Proportions of Evacua - " tion may be altered by fever . il Caufes , yet in a " moil healthful State , the Quantity ejeded , is " equal to the Quantity taken in . 
Explanation . ' ] This agrees with the ixth and xth of S an fior i us , Seïï . 1 . under which the Reafons for it may be fecn . 
A P H . IX . 
" More Urine is made in the Day - time than in " the Night . 
Explanation . ] Becaufe the Warmth of the Bed draws more out by the Pores of the Skin» and leaves lefs 
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