Full text: Medicina Statica

318 Medicina Statica . Sedi . VII . 
Explanation . ' ] Becaufe violent Paífion fo afie & s the Origin of the Nerves with unnatural Tcnfion , and thereby overftrains them , and prevents the cretion into them of freih Spirits , that the venientes arifing therefrom mud be very great and durable . 
A P H . XXXIX . 
" Too much Exercife of the Mind , is more in - " jurious than that of the Body . 
Explanation . ] Bccaufe the Exercife of the Mind expends the fined and molt ufelul Parts of the vous Fluid , and for the Reafons alfo given under the foregoing Aphorifm . 
A P H . XL . 
" The Body would pine , and be deftroyed by " Idlenefs , was it not for the Exercife of the " Mind i but not on the contrary . 
'Explanation . J Where due bodily Exercife is not ufed , that of the Mind will not be long fufficient to keep it from falling into fome bad Diforders ; and it is much to be feared , that Exercife of the Mind only , if it be to much purpofe , would wear out the Conilitution in Idlenefs falter than without it . 
A P H . XLI . 
" Violent Motion of the Mind , differs from " violent Motion of the Body ; this is removed by " Reft and Sleep , but the former by neither . 
Explanation . ] That is , where the Mind is fo in^ tenfly employed , that even in Sleep it is agitated by Dreams , and Starts of Thought ; but then will not the Body be likewife refreihed , and where Sleep 
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