Full text: Medicina Statica

Se & . VII . Of the Affezioni of the Mind . 3 13 
' A P H . XXV . 
" Moderate Joy afliils Concoétion ; for Nature 44 difengaged from what is fuperfluous will the bet - 44 ter perform her Fundions . 
•••l'i fi 
Explanation . ] The former part qf this is ed under Apborifm xix . above , which fee : But what is after aflign'd as a Caufe , is rather the Effett , and very pbfcurcly cxpreiTcd . 
A P H . XXVI . 
44 Sudden Joy is more hurtful , than what is ex - " peéted : for it not only promotes the Exhalation 44 of the Excrements of the third Concoction , bue 44 alfo of the animal Spirits ; but that which is 44 looked for , only of the Excrements . 
Explanation . ] By Excrements of the third Con - co & ion , is meant that perfpirablc Matter , which fudden Joy , like a Convulfion , forces out , but with it alfo , fome of the Nervous Juices , which cannot be fparcd without Injury . 
A P H . XXVII . 
44 Joy and Anger carry oft " what makes the Body 44 both more heavy and more light ; but Grief and 44 Fear , only that which would make it more light ; 14 and leaves behind what makes it heavier . 
Explanation . ' ] Joy and Anger arc always to be undcrftood as an increafed Velocity of the Fluids , and a greater Attrition of their parts , as they are Paflions that are attended with fuch Confequences , and Grief and Fear as an oppofite State . This Pro - pofitiqn then can be true of the former , only as they are in Excefs , and have the fame Effefts ; as violent Exercife by carrying off , with the grofler Matter of 

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