Sett . VI . Of V e n e r y . 287 
Exercifc would luve , which is the breaking the Juices finer ; cfpecially the nervous Fluid , whereby the Solids will be rendered more fpringy , and will perform their Vibrations ft ronger and quicker on which the vital Heat muft increafe , in tion to the increafe of the Velocities of the Fluids , and alfo mult there a much greater Quantity be broke fmall enough to go off by Perfpiration . 
A P H . XXXI . 
" Coition in young Men ftrengthens the animal , " vital and natural Faculties ; it draws forth and l< raifes the animal by Motion , the natural by an " Evacuation of Superfluity , and the vital by Plea - " fure . 
Explanation . ) Coition , fo that it be not to Excels , is very likely in young Perfons to increafe the tural Heat , and raife the Spirits ; becaufe , like any other agreeable Exercife , it ( hakes the M úfeles , and breaks and diilodges any fuperfluous Matter thaE hangs upon the Fibres , fufficiently to exhale it in - fenfibly - , by which means the Springs of the Solids are better maintained , and confeo , uently is the Blood circulated and digefted , and thereby a more plenti - iul Stock of Spirits continually feparated , and dif - penfed to all the Parts of the Body . But , on the contrary , were this Exercife ufed to excefs , would the nervous Fluid be fo much wafted , that the lids would decay in their Springinefs , and therefore alfo muft follow a Lofs of Strength and Spirits . By corroborating the animal , vital , and natural Heat then , is no more than that the Body becomes brilker and ftronger - , for the Diftinélion itfelf of the Heat of a living Body into animal , vital , and natural , is of no further Ufe , that I know of , than to make a thing , plain in itfelf , tuli of Myitery and Obfcu - 
rity ,

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