286 Medicina Statica . Sedi . VI . 
" If after Coition Sleep is uneafy , it is a fign " that in the Ad of Coition , there was a greater " Wade made of the vital Spirits , than by Sleep " is again recruited . 
Explanation . ] Such a walle and defe<ft of Spirits in the Solids , may fo much affeil them in their Textures , as to prevent that eafy Relaxation which is abfolutely neccflary to found Sleep . 
A P II . XXIX . 
" After too much Coition , Sleep attracts the Cru - " dities to the Heart : From whence arife Languors , " and obílruóted Perfpiration , and an Increafe of " Weight . 
Explanation . ] This is much the fame as the xxift above , only more obfeurely exprefied . 
A PH . XXX . 
" Old Men by immoderate Coition grow colder " and heavier : but young Men lighter and warmer . 
Explanation . ' ] In old Men the Strength of the lids is fo much loll , and that animal Oil neceflary for their Invigoration but fo fparingly fupply'd , through the Weaknefs of the digellive Faculty , that the Walle which is made by Coition , is not to be repaired without a great deal of Difficulty ; the Circulations of the Fluids are therefore the flower carried cn , and thereupon there mult be a Decay both of the natural Heat , and an Increafe of the Bulk or Weight , for want of due Digeilion and fpiration . But this Exercife in young Men , who are apt to err on the fide of having an Overcharge of Juices , hath no other Confequence than any other 

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