Seit . VI . Of V e n e r v . 283 
thereby fo much injured in their Contextures , as to prevent a regular Flux and Reflux of the nervous Fluid , whereby the Regularity of their Tonick Motions is deftroy'd ; infomuch , that fomctimes they ( land itili , and at others twitch and leap in a convulfive manner . 
A P H . XXII . 
" Immoderate Coition requires but a flender " Diet , and that of a good Nourifhmcnt . 
Explanation . ' ] Becaufe it fo much debilitates the Conftitution , as to difable it from difpenfing with a plentiful way of living , of fuch Meats efpecially as are hard of Digeftion . Such a Diet therefore is molt fuitable for Perlons too much given to this Exercife as will eafily digeft in the Stomach , and pafs into the Blood in a fufficient Plenty , to recruit the tinual Walle that is made thereby - , which Wafte , as it confifls of the finer and moil fpirituous Parts of the animal Juices , fo ought the Body alfo to be conftantly fupplied with fuch Meats and Drinks as afford the greateft Quantities of the fame Nature , and that can loonelt be converted into them . 
A P H . XXIII . 
" Coition heats the Liver and Kidneys , beciufe " the Heat which it raifes does not exhale ; but it " cools the Stomach , the Brain , and the Heart ; " becaufe the Heat has more open Paflages entirely " to go off by - , and the natural Heat is thereby in " a great Meafure refolved . 
A P H . XXIV . 
« 1 w - # ' * 4 * 
" From hence by immoderate Coition arifes Cho - " 1er in the Liver , Gravel in the Kidneys , Cru - ♦c dities in the Stomach , a Catarrh from the Brain , " and in the Heart Palpitation and Faintnefs . 
Expia -

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