282 Medicina Statica . Sett . VI . 
" PaíTagcs , as through a Lattice : Spc & aclcs throw " the Obje & s into a Point , that they may diftindtly " be feen through one Pafiage only . 
Explanation . ' ] The Meaning of the latter I confefs is very difficult to conceive . But that Coition , or any thing which puts a violent Strain upon the op - tick Nerves , may defraud them of their Spirits , is very plain , as by fuch ftrong Contractions , their natural Moifturcs are prefíed out , upon which they mud needs grow hard and crifpy , and thereby not fo fit to be moved by external Objcils , and convey thofe Impreflìons to the common Senforium , as are nccclìary to excite the Ideas of Colours and Figures . 
A P H . XXI . 
" By immoderate Coition the natural Heat is di - " minifhed ; and from a Diminution of natural Heat , " Perfpiration is leflened ; and from a Diminution " of Perfpiration arile Flatulencies and Palpitations . 
Explanation . ' ] This isa good Summary of the whole Dottrine of Perfpiration , and very well agrees with that Theory upon which the preceding have been explained . Immoderate Coition here may betaken in common with any violent Exercife , or whatfo - ever deilroys the Contextures and Springinefs of the Fibres - , and theie things have already frequently been proved to leñen the vital or natural Heat , by diminifhing the Velocities of the Fluids - , and that by a Diminution of the Velocities , they grow er or more vifcid , in proportion to which is always the Quantity difcharged by infenfible Tranfpiration , and alio that the more , 'That by the Surface is ob - flrudted , the more plentifully will it be colleéted within , which mult occafion Flatulencies and Di - ftenfions of its containing Parts . Palpitations arife from the Weaknefs of the Fibres , becaufe they are '• * thereby

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