Sedi . VI . Of Ven er y . 281 
ijig into Putrefattion ; I cannot fee any thing in it , for there arc none of the animal Juices , which will not by Stagnation , in what manner focver they are faid to be animated , run into new Cohefions , and be changed very much from that State which before they appeared under . The Semen alfo is imperfpi - rable , only as it is a thick , tenacious Fluid ; and as there is not a fufHcient Compreflion and Attrition of thofe Parts where it ilagnates , to break it finali enough , to pafs it off throiigh the Subitanee of its containing Veflels . 
A P H . XVIII . 
" Immoderate Coition next to the Stomach , Is " moil hurtful to the Eyes . 
Explanation . ' ] As the Fibres of the whole Body arc hereby overftrained , fo thofe Parts which are molt nervous cannot but be moil injured ; and as the Compofition of the Stomach ever ) ' one knows wholly to confiil of them , and that Vifion depends upon a due Contexture , and Supply of Spirits to the optick Nerves , nothing can be more plain , than that every thing which overilrains the Nerves muit more ticularly be prejudicial to thefe Parts . 
A P H . XIX . 
( i Immoderate Coition hurts the Sight , becaufe it " draws from the Eyes a great Quantity of Spirits ; " from whence it comes that their Tunicles grow " hard and rough , and alfo that their Paflages arc 
rendered lefs pervious . 
A P H . XX . 
• • 
" From a Diminution of Perfpiration , the Fibres " compofing the Tunicles of the Eyes , become more X opake j by which Sight is contracted into narrower 
" Paflages ,

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