Medicina Statica . Seit . VI . 
Explanation . ' ] The firíl is done , by drawing the Fibres too lirait ; and the latter by weakening the Force of the Stomach , a$ explained under Apb . X . above . 
A P H . XVI . 
" Me who in Coition forbears the Emiffion of , 1' Semen , is by it the lefs weakened ; nay , if he re - peats the fame Exercife the Day following , and then ejeóts what was the former Day prepared , will not be fo much debilitated . 
Explanation . ' ] This is bell known to thofe who have Command enough of themfelves to try the periment , which I believe arc very few , unlefs fuch as are pretty well advanced in Years , or thofe who liave been drained by too frequent Ule of this £xercife . 
A P H . XVII . 
« ? He who in Coition on purpofe forbears Emif - fc fion , will be apt to have a fwelling in his Tcili - P clcs , becaufe the Semen is imperfpirable . 
Explanation . ' ] By this therefore it appears , that this Experiment , ( if any have Patience to try it ) is not without being attended with confiderable zard - , and it is very well known by thofe whofe Bufinefs leads them to be converfant with Perfons lafcivioufly inclined , that frequent Irritations out Emiffion , have been attended with Confequences very near as dangerous and troublefome , as where by Coition a Venereal Infeftion hath actually been contracted . As for Dr Lißer's Reafon , that the greater Danger arifes from the Obílruétion of an animated Fluid , as the Semen Mafculinum is taken to pc , the Animalada therein dying , and thereby turn -

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