Full text: Medicina Statica

274 Medicina Statica . Sed . V . 
depends upon a due Tenfion anil Springinefs of the Solids - , whatfoever therefore difordcrs and weakens this Difpofition of the Solids , cannot but very much prejudice the whole Conftitution ; and that any violent Actions , as that of Coition , may perhaps be the moil violent they are capable of , are deítruétive of the Textures of the Solids , cannot be doubted by any one who confiders what will be faid of an Animal Fibre at the latter End . For not only the component Macbinula of thefe Threads , will be much injured in their Contextures , but alfo that animal Öil or Spirit , which is beftow'd upon them to facilitate their Motions , will be fo much fqucezed out , and wore away , as very much to difable them afterwards in their natural Motions ; that is , ding to the ufual Way of fpeaking , an immoderate Ufe of this Exercife , will fo weaken and difpirit the Body , that the feveral Parts afterwards , will not be able but imperfectly to difcharge their refpc & ive Offices - , whereby Digeftion , Conco & ion , and all the natural Evacuations , will be difordered . 
A P H . IV . 
" It may be known that Coition proves bencfi - " cial if after the following Sleep , no Wearinefs is 41 perceived , and no Alteration is found in the " Body , with refpedl to its Weight . 
Explanation . ] This is plain from the Reafons given under the foregoing - , for if fuch as have been proved the Confequcnces of its immoderate Ufe , do not enfue , but that on the contrary every thing is well , and in its natural State ; nothing can be more tain , than that it hath not been ufed beyond what the Strength of the Conilitution will admit of out Injury ; and that , if after the following Sleep , the Body is briik and lightfome , it is a good fign 2 that ,

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