Full text: Medicina Statica

Seft . VI . Of V e n e r vi 
farily be ftraitned , and the Expulfion of the Perfpi - 
. . . , ^ r . . too frequent 
prejudicial , by retaining what ought to be dif - charged , and rendering the Body heavier , as well as by overftraining and deftroying the Force of the Fibres ( as hereafter will be proved ) . Long bearance of it alio , efpecially whilft there are confi - derable Irritations thereunto , may have the fame Effeft , both as the Part irritated will by Degrees draw alfo the Fibres of the whole Body into Con - fent - , that is , into too great a State of Contraction ; and as the Mind will likewife thereby be fo em - ploy'd , as not to admit of thofe frequent tions as are necefiary to promote the natural charges . How too great Exercife of the Mind does this , will be explained in the following Seftion . 
" Upon immoderate Coition , about a fourth " Part of the Quantity ufually perfpired , in a great " many will be obftru & ed . 
" The Mifchiefs rifing from immoderate Coition " are mediately from an obitrufted Perfpiration ; but " immediately , they arife from the Injuries done to " the concoclive Faculties . 
Explanation . ' ] As immoderate Coition may hinder Perfpiration , by keeping the Fibres too ftrait , and leflening the Pafiages ; and thereby mediately give llife to all thofe diforders which are wont to follow an obltrudled Perfpiration - , yet the greateft ries received thereby , are immediately from the Hurt which is done to the Force and Elafticity of the Fibres . For it hath already been proved at large , that a right Dilcharge of all the animal Fundtions , 
cannot but be very 
A P II . II . 
A P H . III . 

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