Full text: Medicina Statica

Sed . V . Oj'ExercifeandRcß . 271 
Hand itili , which is Death ; and the nearer a Perfon is brought by any means whatfoever to this State , the further may fuch a Perfon be faid to be advanced towards Old - Age . But for condenfing the Pores , and fuffocating thereby the vital Heat , is a Difficulty I cannot get over : although for Moiitures opening them , and procuring long Life , may without culty be underftood , in the Senfc laid down cerning an Animal Fibre at the latter End hereof . And then it is no more than faying , the Wheels of the Machine will continue their Motion , fo long as they are fupplied with the Requifites thereunto . 
A P H . XXXVI . 
" He who would preferve a youthful Counte - 41 nance , ought to take care not to fweat : or that 44 he does not perfpire too much with Heat . 
Explanation . ' ] Becaule Sweating and promoting the cuticular Difcharges beyond due mealure , fup - plies the Skin with too great a Quantity of iture , and makes it the fooner lofe its beautiful Smoothnefs and run into Wrinkles , as it is very obfervable in the Hands upon dabbling in any quor for a confiderable time together . 

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