Full text: Medicina Statica

2JO Medicina Statica . Sedi . V . 
" Moderate Dancing , without Jumping , comes " the neareíl of any thing to the Advantages of " Walking : for it lcifurely expels the digefted per - " fpirable Matter . 
Explanation . ' ] This is undoubtedly a moil ful Exercife , and many confiderable Advantages may be obtained from it with refpcél to our Health . 
APHORISMS added by the AUTHOR . 
A P H . XXXIV . 
" When Perfpiration falls ihort of its proper " Quantity in found Perfons , it is to be remedied 4 4 by Exercife . 
Explanation . ) This is very true , and is ly manifefl from a great many of the foregoing , and therefore fully juflilies the Reftridtion made of Aph . xxi . of this Sed ion , in its Explanation . 
" By too much Exercife the Fibres become hard ; " whence Old - Age , which is an univerfal Hardnefs " of the Fibres i this , by condenfing the Pores , " fuffocates the vital Heat ; butMoifture , by keep - " ing them open , procures long Life . 
Explanation . ] Too much Exercife will break the ! nervous Fluid , fo much as to occafion a greater Wafte of it than can be fupplied ; and therefore the' component MachinuU of the Fibres , for want of this animal Oil , will lofe their Power of Motion and 

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