Full text: Medicina Statica

12 Introduction . 
focver . For Divifion , although into the moil in - fenfiblc Parts , can never take away its being figured , and does nothing more than make two or three di - ilinft feparatc Bodies , or Mafles of Matter , of that which was but one before ; all which diftinét Maf - fes looked upon as fo many diftin<5t Bodies , after their Divifion , become feverally exilting under fome tain Figures , as well as before their Separation , when they cxifted in one entire Body . 
Here farther it will be proper to take Notice of fomcthing , concerning which the Mind takes in as clear an Idea as of any thing whatfoever ; which though it cannot properly be accounted an AfTe & ion , or Property of Body , yet the Idea of Body does fo readily and naturally inculcate it , that it is impof - fible to reafon juftly about the Properties and ons of material Subftances , without having it ways in View - , and that is what commonly is called Space , and is underftood to be deftitute and empty of all Matter - , and to this the Property of Exten - fion is as juftly to be attributed as to Body . • It is eafy to conceive of two Bodies at a Pittance to be moved towards one another , until they come to touch , without difplacing any other folid Body - , as likewife to be again feparated to the fame Di fiance from each other as before , without fuppoling any other Bodies Interpofition - , whereby we come at a clear Idea of Space , void of all material Subitanee , when we have a full Conception in our Minds of that immediate Void between the two feparated Bodies . There is alfo no manner of Difficulty of conceiving the Motion of any one fimple Body alone , without the Neceflity of another's entering into its Place - , all others at that Time being fuppo - fed to be at reft ; by which Means , the Place the ving Body did take up , before its being put into Motion , muft be deferred - , and , while others arc at 
Reft ,

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