254 »Medicina Statica . Seô . V . 
confequcntly the Evacuations mult be diíturbed , but more cfpecially that of infeniible Perfpiration , becaufe the increafed Velocities of the Fluids , occa - fioned by greater and ftronger Contrarions of their Veffels , will fo blend the Matter which otherwife would infenfibly go off , with what is not fit for thofe pafiiiges , as to retain a great deal of it in the Body ; infomuch , that although by the fame Caule , a great deal which is too grofs for tion is expelled , yet it is not in Proportion to that Quantity retained as would have pafled without fuch Exercife , and therefore the Body muit be jured by it . 
A P H . II . 
tc That which paffes the Skin by violent Exercife , " is the Pcrfpirable Matter and Sweat together ; but tc as it is violent , it raifes a great deal of undigeited * c Juices - , for it feldom happens , that fo much well * l digefted pcrfpirable Matter is at once collected in " the Body , as is the Quantity by Violence expelled . 
Explanation . This feems to carry fomc Contra - diftion to the former , unlefs it be confidered that the time there fixed , for the Excefs of the ty perfpired , above what is expelled by Exercife is in a Morning after a perfed : Digeftion , at which Time it already abundantly appears , a vaft deal more goes off that way than any other ; that ftion , moil conducive in the Pcrparation of it , going on much more regularly in Time of Sleep' . See Slpb . I . II . VI . of the foregoing Sefiion . 
A P H . III . 
" Sweat is always from fome violent Caufe , and 44 as fuch , ( as Static Experiments demonftrate ) it 
" hinders

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