Introduction . u 
Ì Carle / tans have puzzled themfelves in this matter , by making the EíTence of Body , as they call it , to confili in its being extended , and thereby conclude falfely that Omne extenfurn eft corporeutn . Every Body is circumfcrib'd by fome Bounds , otherwife it would be infinite , which is abfurd to iuppofc : Thefe Bounds then are called Superficies or Surfaces , and nothing can be more plain , than that there is a tain commcnfurable diftance between fuch cies , greater or lefler , in Proportion to the Bulk of each Body : Thcfe Superficies moreover not being infinite , their Bounds are called Lines , which like - wife are diflant from one another : Thefe Lines alio mult have their Bounds , and they arc called Points , between which likewife there muft with equal Ne - ceflity be fome Interval . Now from all thefe rent Diitances taken together , we become furniihed with a clear Apprehenfion of what is ufually called the Trine Dimenfion , that is , Length , Breadth , and TbickntfSy which every Body or Parcel of Matter cannot but be endued with , although broke into the moil conceivable Smallnefs . The Diilancc tween its oppofite , or upper and lower Superficies , is called its Depth or Thick nefs \ between the fite Lines terminating thofe Superficies , Breadth \ and between the oppofite Points bounding thofe Lines , its Length . 
With the fame Evidence likewife we become niihed with a clear and diilinél Idea of Figure , and difcern the Impoifibility that any Mafs of Matter , how large or fmall foever , ihould exilt without it . I'or it a Body be broke and divided into its Mimma natura lia , or as far as Thought it felf can conceive it poflible to be done , yet there ilill will appear the fame Reafon and NecelTtfy that every the moll minute Particle mull ilill exill under fome minate Figure or other , as well as the Urged what - 
1 foever . .

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