Full text: Medicina Statica

238 Medicina Statica . Se & . IV . 
parities , whereby that Difcharge may afterwards be again reilored to its natural State . 
•» • • • t 
* A P H . XL . 
" Nothing more frequently interrupts Sleep than " a Putrefaction of the Food : Such is the Sympa - " thy between the Stomach and the Brain . 
Explanation . " ] By the Sympathy of any one Part with another , is to be underftood only that munication of Nerves , by which when one is ed the other is alfo - , thus when any thing affeóts the Coats of the Stomach with any troublefome Vel - lications , the Brain becomes diilurbed thereby , be - caufe the nervous Threads are fo numeroufly difpenfed from one to another , that when drawn at one End , that Motion will be always communicated to the other - , and by this Means the Solids of the whole Body , according to the different Contextures and Communications of their conftituent Fibres , in the like Manner fympathize with one another ; and all of them fo much with the Brain , that any confider - able Uneafinefs in any other Part , although the molt remote , cannot but effeét it , and hinder Sleep , as much as when the Difturbance is at the Stomach only . 
A P H . XLI . 
" Sleep in Winter Time is more fcrviceable than " in Summer - , not becaufe the Bowels are warmer , " or Sleep longer - , but becaufe early in the Morn - " ing the Body is adtually warmer , and as fuch per - " fpires moltj but in Summer Time it is really «' colder . 
• I . . 
Explanation . ] See Explanation to / lpborifm xxvu . ScR . 2 . 
A PH .

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