234 Medicina Statica . Sc & . IV . 
Explanation . ] This fully confirms the preceding , and is fo plain as to need no Explanation . 
A P H . XXXII . 
44 Yawning and Stretching the Limbs after Sleep , " is a Sign the Body has perfpired very well ; as it 44 is cuftomary with the Cocks to ilretch and clap 44 their Wings before they crow . 
" That Stretching and Yawning after Sleep , is 44 occafion'd by a great Plenty of perfectly well di - 44 gciled perfpirable Matter , which is in Readinefs 44 to be thrown oft " . 
44 The Body by Yawning and Stretching , in the 44 Space of half an Hour , perfpires more than in 44 three Hours at any other Time . 
Explanation . ' ] Such Extenfions in general , or of any particular Part , according to the Senle of the three preceding Apborifms , are owing to fome gentle and pleafing Irritations of the mufcular Fibres - , and that fuch Irritations , or gentle Vellications are oc - cafioned by a great Quantity of the digefted fpirable Matter hanging about the Surface and ex - tream Parts of the Body , and not thoroughly dif - charged , is no difficult Matter to conceive : For , it appearing that in Time of Sleep , there is a nual Courfe and Tendency of a fine thoroughly gefted Matter towards the Circumference , which is difcharged through the cutaneous Pores , and that during Sleep likewife the Nerves are in a State of Relaxation , it cannot but happen , that when a Per - ion awakes , both the Courfe of thofe Steams will be confideraby diverted , and the Fibres fomething 

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