Sc£t . IV . Of Sleep and Watching 
A P H . XXIX . 
44 If five Hours after Supper a Perfon is fuddcnly 44 awakened and weighed , he will be found to have 41 perfpircd barely half a Pound - , but if eight Hours 44 after Supper the fame Experiment be try'd , three 44 Pounds . 
Explanation . ] For by this it appears , that from the fifth to the eighth Hour , there goes fix times as much off by infenfible Perfpiration , or very near , as from the Time of Supper to the fifth Hour after . 
A P H . XXX . 
44 From Sleep fomcthing fhortcr than tifual there 44 will always fome Part ot the perfpirable Matter 44 be retained , which unlefs it be thrown off by an 44 increafed Quantity of Perfpiration the following 44 Days , will endanger a Fever . 
Explanation . ' ] The Matter to be difcharged by fenfible Perfpiration going off moil plentifully in the Time of Sleep , it cannot but happen , that when Sleep is interrupted , or ihorter than ufual , fome Part of it mult thereby be retained in the Body ; which if it be not thrown off afterwards by an Increafe of that Evacuation beyond what is natural , it muft needs either bring on a Fever , or fome other Di - ( temper , that takes its Rife from fuch an Obftru & ion . 
A P H . XXXI . 
44 By fome Part of the ufual Perfpiration being 44 retained , cither the next Day after Dinner wc 44 fall afleep , and perfpire in the Space of an Hour , 44 about a Pound i or the following Night's Sleep is 44 fo much the longer , by which more than ufual is 44 perfpired : Or elfe we fall into lome fenfible Cri - ^ fis , or a Diftemper . 
Jixfla -

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