Full text: Medicina Statica

232 Medicina St ati ca . Se & . IV . 
* ' Time about the firíl Concottion , and íhc then better recruits what is loft , and better carries on the Bufinefs of Perlpiration . 
Explanation . J From what hath been above faid , it appears , that a Hill Stomach is injurious to ration , and that Nature's being bufy about fome - thing elfe , is no more than that during the Load of a lull Stomach , the Nerves arc more contracted , and thereby there is the lefs Room for the pcrfpi - rable Matter to pafs off . It is abundantly manifeft from Anatomy , that the Courfe of the Chyle only from the Stomach into the Blood , is a confiderable Length , and that it requires four or five Hours Time to perform that of a whole Meal . By the Weight and Diftenfion of the Parts about it , a Perlon may perceive the Food to remain in his Stomach an Hour or two at lcaft : i which after it had pafled in a well digeiled Chyle into the Iñteftincs , its Stay there is near as long , the laBeal Veins , although very merous , being yet fo exceedingly fine , as not to admit the whole Quantity to pafs them under a fiderable Time - , its frequent Stops in the mesenterial Glands , and the Receptaculuni Cbyli , and its flow Afcent up the Duflus Pecquet anus , fill up fuch a Space of Time as is here fpokc of : As foon therefore as it is got in the Blood , fuch a quiet and relaxed State as Sleep procures , is the moil conducive to its regular Mixture with the animal Fluids , and its Scccfiion , cither into fuch Parts as the feveral Exigences of ture require for Nouriihmcnt , and the Ufes of the feveral Parts of the Machine - , or fuch as arc fitted to go off " by paifages on purpofe defigned for thofe , which are of no farther Ufe - , and this is thoroughly confirm'd by the following . 
A V H ,

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