Full text: Medicina Statica

Sc ( fl . IV . Of Sleep and Watching . 231 
A P H . XXV . 
44 Changing a Bed occafions difturbed Sleep , and 44 Ieflens Pcrfpiration ; for an unaccumilomed Place , 44 although better than before , difturbs both the 44 Body and Mind . 
A P H . XXVI . 
44 They who flcep in a ilrange Bed , dream more 44 than in their own . 
Explanation . ' ] Thefc are obvious to every ones Notice , and are undoubtedly occafioncd only l ? y the Change of Obje & s which are about a Perfon , and take up his Mind with fonie more than ufual tention , and thereby prevent that cafy Relaxation which is necefiary both to a good Perspiration and found Sleep . 
A P H . XXVII . 
44 They who fleep and do not dream , perfpirc 44 well i and , on the contrary , they who dream much 44 perlpire the lei's . 
Explanation . ' ] Dreaming is a State between ing and Waking , wherein although the Mind does not exercife fuch a Power over the Body , as to di - rcét its Motions in the fame Degree as when awake ; yet by its Attention to thofe confufcd Ideas which pafs through it , the Solids arc kept in fome Degree of Contraction greater than is agreeable with found Sleep - , and therefore Pcrfpiration , which depends upon a fettled Relaxation , cannot fo well be formed at fuch Times as when in quiet Sleep . 
" Sleep about four Hours after Eating is moil fcr - ^ viçeabîe j becaufe Nature is not fo bufy at that 
4 Time

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