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230 Medicina St at i ca . Sc¿t . IV . 
more regularly at that Time , as they do in ful Conftitutions , they cither lofe very much their Motions , or have thrown upon them a Fluid very unfit for that Ufe , whereby they come to lofe their due Contractions afterwards , infomuch as frequently to be followed with very bad Diftcmpcrs , and fomctimcs Death , and the firft Appearance of fuch Diforders may often be by a Coldnels after Sleep , which ends in a Fever ; bccaufe the firit ty hereupon in the ( Economy , is a partial Diftri - burion of the Fluids , and a Retardation of the Blood's Motions , which will always occafion a Senfe of Cold , as has already been proved : But at firit , what will be the Confequences of fuch Difcorders God only knows , bccaufe there arc often fo many Ways both of removing the Caufes , or bringing Death , which the Wifeft cannot forcfec in Time , either to bring about the one , or prevent the other : But doubtedly it will fare much the worfe with the weak - eft Conftitutions , as not being able perhaps to ftrug - gle with it . Where Digeflion has been bad , and Perfpiration leflened for fome Days together , it is moil likely to be difcovcrcd at the Time of waking , bccaufe as foon as the Nerves arc relaxed , and Sleep comes on , that Matter which is intended to be difcharged by the Skin , will by the natural Courfe of the Circulations be crouded that Way - , fo that if the firft : cannot get through , the continual Pro - tufion à ( ergo of freih Matter , will at lait make the Obftruttion fo great in the Capillary Arteries , and diftend them in fuch a Manner , as to occafion a great deal of Uneafinefs , and at lait raife a Fever ; and for this Rcafon it is , that the firit Attack of a Fever is mod commonly felt at thefe Times . 
A P H .

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