Full text: Medicina Statica

Seét . IV . Of Sleep and Watching , 
A P H . XXII . 
" A plentiful Supper after a larger Perfpiration u than ufual , procures a larger and plcafanter 44 Sleep . 
Explanation . ' ] Becaufe after fuch a large tion , the Nerves will be emptier of their Juices , and Hand in greater Need of a Supply ; therefore upon a good Meal , as foon as they arc relaxed by Sleep , they will continue fo , unlefs irritated by any foreign Difturbance , until the Food taken in by that Meal be well digefted , and they are thereby recruited with a frefh Stock of Spirits : But , 
A P H . XXIII . 
44 A lefs Perfpiration than is needful , is followed 44 by unquiet Sleep and a reillefs Night . 
Explanation . ' ] Becaufe befides the additional Load of the obitrudted pcrfpirablc Matter , a full Meal , at fuch a Time , will much increafe the Burthen ready laid upon the Solids , and thereby render Di - geftion very difficult , and occafion more Uneafinefs than is confident with found Sleep . 
A P li . XXIV . 
44 If after a íhort and reftlcfs Sleep the Flefli 44 feems cold , anil a little Fever arifes , in weak 44 Pcrfons it is a Token of Death , but in the Kobuft , t4 a Fore - runner of fome long Diftemper . 
Explanation . ] Such a Senfe of Cold after a little Sleep , is a Sign that there is fome great Diforder in the Contexture of the Fibres , or the Fluid , which fhould give them their Elafticity , whereby as foon as Sleep comes on , and they fall into a State of laxation , initead of performing their Contractions 
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