Full text: Medicina Statica

Sedi . IV . Of Sleep and Watching . 219 
A P H . II . 
" With feven Hours Sleep the Body infenfibly " perfpires , and without any Trouble , twice as " much as when awake . 
Explanation . ] Whether the Quantity here reckon'd upon will always anfwer upon Trial , and ther the Difference is lo great between the cuticular Difcharge in Time of Sleep , and when awake , as here aliened , is not very material to inquire into ; or is it indeed poflible , that this Evacuation iliould be found the fame in different Countries , different Seafons , or different Conftitutions i and therefore Allowances are to be made upon any fuch Trial ; but that Pcrfpiration goes on more regularly and freely in the Time of Sleep , than when awake ; is certain , and for the Reafons given under sipb . xx , xxi . Seti . i . 
A P H . III . 
" That Pcrfpiration in Sleep , which is attended " with Sweat , docs not carry oft more than when '4 it is infenfible , and without Sweat . 
Explanation , j This may be true , but not without Reftriftion - , ior without Doubt , in thofe Sweats with which an Ague Fit commonly goes off , there is a much greater Difcharge made for the Time , than is ever made by the largeft infenfible Perfpiration in the fame Space of Time ; and I very much queftion , whether the Body can any other Way more effeéhially be prepared for a large Dilcharge by the Pores of the Skin , than it is by an Ague Fit : Becaufe the ciliions made by the Yawning and Shivering which precedes it , wonderfully breaks the Yifcidity of the Juices which obftruéis the capillary Veflels , and thereby are very conducive to promote this tion . But from fevcnxl / ipborifms of the foregoing 
Scflions ,

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