Full text: Medicina Statica

Seit . III . Of Meats and Drink . 217 
tions and Secretions of the Fluids , for the Chyle as fuch , never comes at the Liver - , or is there any fuch Thing poflible as heating , or cooling the Liver , but by the Confcnt of the whole Body ; and therefore the Virtues afcribcd to fome particular Medicines , as more immediately warming or cooling any lar part , arc mecrly imaginary . 
A P H . CIV . 
" When in a found Body the Belly is loofe , it is " either becaufe Digcftion is not well made in the " Stomach , or from an Expulfion of the Chyle by " an obitru & cd Pcrfpiration . 
Explanation . ' ] An Obilru & ion of the perfpirable Matter will fo over - burthen the Solids , that if they are ftrong , they will be irritated to throw it off by other Evacuations , which is the Reafon why the Stoppage of one Evacuation is always the Increafe of another . 
A P H . CV . 
" A good Conftitution may fuffer two Ways ; ei - " ther by living entirely without Exercife , or by " Eating before the Digeftion of a former Meal . 
Explanation . ] The former will further appear in the fifth Seflion , and the latter is very plain from what has been faid already . 

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