Full text: Medicina Statica

Medicina Statica . Seit . III . 
A P H . CI . 
" In cold Conftitutions Honey is ferviceable , be - " caufc it nourifhcs and perfpires ; but in hot it is " hurtful , becaufe it turns to Bile . 
Explanation . ] Honey may be reckon'dof the fame Kind with thofc of Apbor . Ixxxi , Ixxxii . Set7 . 3 . and produce the Effets mentioned in the former Part of this , for the Reafons therein given : And that in hot Conllitutions it prodccs Bile , is becaufe that Juice is the Produce of too great an Agitation and Heat of the Blood , whereby its Parts are too much broke - , that inftead of fupplying the tions in the ufual Manner , they run into tural Cohefions , and form fuch Particles as are fitted only for the Secretion of thofe Organs that are con - ftitutcd for fuch a Separation . 
A P H . CII . 
" Nothing hinders Perfpiration more than to " drink during Chylification . 
Explanation ¡\ This mult be underftood of derate Drinking , whereby the Stomach becomes di - ftended in fuch a Manner , as to hinder Perfpiration ' by the Means above taken Notice of , as every thing which over - fills the Stomach will do - , but if it is not in a Quantity to overload it , I cannot fee how it can have any fuch Effed . 
A P H . CHI . 
" By cooling the Liver it lefs attrafts the Chyle , " and much lefs promotes Perfpiration . 
Explanation . ' ] That the Liver attracts Chyle at ali , is a Miilake , and owing to a want of better Knowledge in Anatomy , efpeciaUy in the Circula» 

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