coo Medicina Statica . Sedi . III . 
more certain , that by how much the more is taken in , than is fufficient for the Exigences of Nature , by fo much the fooncr will the Body be wore out \ bccaufc by fuch Means all the fecretory Organs arc more , and falter , wore away than is needful , and the Elafticity of all the Solids fooner decays j juft as it happens in the Wheels and Springs of any Machine , the greater Strefs is laid upon one , and the fafler the others move , the fooner it necefiarily wears out , and lofes all its Power of Motion . 
A P H . LXIX . 
14 A temperate Liver generally pcrfpires in a Night * 4 three Pound : And fuch a one , if he be of a ilrong 4t Coniliturion , after a plentiful Meal may perfpire 44 five Pound . 
Explanation . J This is to be taken in the largeft Latitude of Perfpiration in hot Countries , but will not hold in our Climate - , fee therefore the Remarks lipon Kill's Medicina Statica Britannica . 
A P H . LXX . 
• / • 
44 Failing is beneficial to a heavy full Body , to " a temperate one hurtful , but moil of all fo , to " one that is weak . 
Explanation . ] By a heavy full Body is to be un - deritood , fuch a one as has not for fome Time cuated in Proportion to the Quantities taken in ; whereupon there has arifen a Plethora , and in fuch a Cafe nothing can be of greater Service , fo its tinuance has not been long enough to alter the tural Qualities of the Fluids , than Abflinence , and a very flender Diet ; becaufe by fuch a way of living will foon be fubilrafted the Overcharge , and the Body reduced again to its wonted Standard . But Abilinence in a Perfon not fo overcharged , cannot

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