Sc ( 51 . III . OJ Meati and Drink . iç - 
long and overmuch bent , they will lofe their Springs , and not be able any longer to perform their Offices . Such Meats therefore muft be moil likely to prcfcrve a healthful Conftitution , which are molt eafily digefted , and pafs out of the Stomach fooneft . 
A P H . LVH . 
" It may be known how much is convenient to 
44 ear , by obferving fcveral Days together , whether 44 the Body returns to the fame Standard after Sleep 44 without any Uncafineis . 
Explanation . ] Becaufe waking cheerful and light - fonie is an infallible Sign , that whatloever is taken in is well digefted , and converted to the fevcral Pur - pofes which the Exigencies of the Conftitution quire - , whereby the Body is not only kept cleared of any fupcrfluous Load , but alfo every Wheel of the Machine is preferved fit for Motion . 
A P H . LVIII . 
" If after a plentiful Supper a Body the Day fol - 44 lowing is lighter than ufual , it becomes fo cither 44 by a Corruption of the Chyle , or becaufe Nature 44 has been irritated to expel what is ufeful , which 44 is very injurious : For there cannot but be fome 44 Difpofitions towards a Diftemper , when what is 41 ufetul is evacuated , and Crudities are detained . 
A P H . LIX . 
( • 
44 If a Supper of eight Pounds corrupts in the 44 Stomach , the next Day the Body will be lighter 44 than after a Supper of three Pound , which does 44 not do fo . 
Explanation . ' ] By Corruption of the Food in the Stomach and Bowels , and the Confequences of it , efpecially in occafioning Diarrbccat , is to be under - 
O 2 flood

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