Seit . III . Of Meats and Drink . 183 
long Failing , 'tis very proper , efpecially if Care be taken , to eat light Meals , and often : But very fpa - ringly indeed ought it to be ufed , by thofe who cline to err on the other Hand by too great a Ful - nefs . See Apbor . iv , and v . of this Seßion . Sanflo - rius might here alfo erras to us , becaufe in hot tries it is certainly not fo wholefome , and very liable to Corruption in the Humours , as it is here in the hotter Seafons , but it is both fafe and excellent Food for itrong Habits , in cold Countries . 
A P H . XXV . 
" Melons perfpire fo little , that they leflen the " Quantity ufually difcharged by a fourth Part . 
A P H . XXVI . 
" The perfpirable Matter retained by their Means " generally goes off by Urine or Sweat . 
Explanation . ] If it be underflood here , that they go off this Way in fuch as are ftrong , the Reafons will appear from Explanat . to Apbor . xiv . of this Sett . For in a ftrong Perlon , when fuch Things get into the Blood , which cannot be broke fmall enough for infenfible Tranfpiration , they will yet be enough digefted for Expulfion by fenfible Tranfpiration , which is Sweat , or by Urine . 
A P H . XXVII . 
" New Currants or Raifins , and Figs , fortiethin¿ M leflen Perfpiration , both of themfelves and other " Food - , but it may be by incrcafmg the fenfible * • Evacuations . 
% I 
A P H .

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