1Ö2 Me dicin a 6t at i c a . Sedi . III , 
pens in the Stomach and Bowels , and occafions Vo^ mitings and Diarrbtvas , and likewife that which is brought about in the Veflels and fecrctory Glands in fuch as are called putrid Fevers ; with a good tionale alfo of their Symptoms and Cures . Hence too it appears why , according to the xxift Àpbor . Meats ol the greateft Nouriihment tend moft to ruption : Becaufe they confifting of Parts grofs , and not eafily reduced fine enough for Perfpiration , al - tho' divided from one another ; upon which they are retained longer in the Body , and apt to obftruft the capillary Vcficls , and give fuch a Weight , and confequently a Retardation to the circulating Juices , as difpofes them more to inteftine and fermentative Motions , and bring them into a State of Corruption or Putrefa & ion . 
A P H . XXIII . 
" Perk and Muftirooms are bad , both becaufe they " do not perfpire themfclves , and becaufe they hin - * ' der the Perfpiration of other Things cat along f« with them . 
A P H . XXIV . 
" Pork and Mufljrooms , occafion the Body to per - f fpire lefs than ufual a third Part . 
Explanation . ' ] Very grofs and ill - fed Hogs - flejh , and Mufloroom ill managed , may have the Confe - qucnces herein mentioned . But common Experience proves , as they are generally ordered , they make ver ry agreeable and wholefome Food , but the latter ef - pccially a good pleafant Sauce . Young well - fed Pork affords excellent Nouriflimcnt , and with its ufual Sauce , Muftard , even by weak Stomachs , di - geils and pcrfpires well ; where therefore there have been too large Evacuations , or Injuries received by 
Ion ] taki 

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